Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday I cut Jordan's hair in a mohawk and I would like it documented. This way when my children want to do crazy things to their hair, I can say wait until you are 22. That is when I cut your dad's hair in a mohawk. We were watching The A Team and decided Jord would look sexy with this hair cut. I can say I definitely think that he looks sexy. I can't say that I love the hair cut, because I did it. I also was told just to "wing it" by Jordan. I have never learned how to cut hair like this, so there are a lot of mistakes that I see every time I look at it. I'm guessing the hawk will only last a few weeks, but you are only young once! Plus Jord wasn't ever allowed to do crazy things with his hair and he always wanted to. I like this option better than the second option, Eminem style bleach blonde:) It was only fair to let him do something crazy, as my hair has been blonde, black, red, short, long, asymmetrical and everything in between.

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