Sunday, December 8, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Consider this our Christmas card this year. We are pretty boring and I am a little overwhelmed with school. Sending out cards is a little out of my stress range.

Jordan: Jordan is doing phenomenal in his anatomy class this semester. I am constantly amazed at the commitment he has to learning. He often studies and will ask me questions, which I can never answer. I barely passed my anatomy class people. Every morning as I explain my sore muscles, he will teach me what the muscle is called, where it inserts, what action it does, and what activity or lift made my muscle ache. He is going to get a great grade. He is also doing very well at his job. He works for an Ayurveda company, Zrii. They sell a range of health products that we love. Competition is a big thing for Jordan. It has been great that his work offers him ways to succeed and work hard. He wins just about every competition that they have. He is also learning a lot about health through his job. He has a full load coming January. He will continue to work 30+ hours each week and is taking 15 credits, including Kinesiology (sp?).

Me: I am loving the education program at UVU. Beginning January I will student teach for American Fork Junior High. I am really excited about the opportunity. I have many goals for the experience. I hope that I can leave a lasting impression on my students. I want each of them to understand their personal health and enjoy learning about it. I am not so excited to drive through the winter. This spoiled girl hasn't had to drive to work or school for almost 4 years! I walk everywhere I go. Surprisingly as I drove my car to the mechanic in the snow this weekend, I felt very peaceful about driving. I know I will survive and that I am fortunate to be in this situation. I am leaving my wonderful job so that I can focus on student teaching. It is a great blessing to have that option.

Our holidays are going to be full of food, family, our 2nd anniversary, and sleep. I swear, ever since I have become anemic, I can sleep for 12 hours each night and still be tired. The part that I am most excited for is family. I love my family to pieces!

I hope your holidays are full of joy, kindness and peace!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easy weeknight dinner

It is becoming apparent that I am terrible at this blog business. But dinner is a business where I excelled tonight. Jordan gives me 5 stars and it is super easy.

I looked for broccoli rabe, and had no luck. I even asked the produce woman who looked at me like I was an idiot and took me straight to the broccoli. I gave up and substituted spinach. I just throw it in at the very end and heat it through so it gets soft.

On a life note, our schedules are crazy. I can't wait to be done with classes, but I am beyond stressed to student teach. 99% of my stress comes from the potential of driving in the snow. Friday I find out where I will be teaching. Pray it is somewhere close! If it is far I may have to hire a driver.