Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm pregnant, but don't feel "pregnant."

Have you ever gone through something and been shocked at how completely normal it is? You get married and life seems the same. You grow a baby and you also feel the same. It isn't that logically I thought going through pregnancy would be something that came with different thoughts and feelings, I am just constantly amazed at how normal it is. It is really cool to me that our bodies and minds are so good at adapting to change. 

I had a FANTASTIC baby shower last Saturday. So many good friends and family came to support me. My friend Sarah and her mom Mely did so much work to make it a special day for me. There were printed pictures from my Maternity shoot, yummy food, cute decorations and Sarah even recorded everyone as they shared a blessing they hope I receive. I had such a great time and am thankful for all the people in my life who make it so fun!

 Below is a picture of the gift my friend Tori gave me (left) and my guest bath (right). They were both things that made my day. The plumbing issue has been going on for over a months and I finally, stubbornly, finished it. The shower/bath did not put out any cold water. We didn't notice when we first bought the house because the water heater was turned down so low that you had to have it all the way to hot to even get warm water, which was great in the summer, but not quite warm enough in the winter. When J was sick I decided to shower here to avoid his sick germs in our master bath. I scorched my back side pretty bad and realized we had a problem. I researched and googled to find out that we needed to replace the cartridge. I followed all the right steps, but the old cartridge was STUCK. I kept trying for weeks, while many people kept telling me I might need a plumber to help. I was frustrated because I felt like I KNEW how to fix it, but it wasn't working. Finally, after my dad tried his luck at pulling it out and the darn thing started badly leaking, I called a plumber, defeated. The funny thing is he showed up and had never seen any cartridge so stuck. It took him hours to get it out. He tried pulling, melting (which set off all our smoke alarms, lovely) and using a strong lubricant to get it out. Finally I mentioned that my dad and I were planning on drilling a long screw into the stuck cartridge in hopes that the pressure would break up some build up and give us leverage to pull it out, if we hadn't called a plumber. The guy was out of ideas and energy, so he tried it. It worked! So you see I am smarter than a plumber:) Our shower now works and the plumber was very nice and didn't charge me much at all. I was really worried that the hours he spent would equate to $$$$. I think he felt bad that he made a pregnant woman go and shut off the water line in the basement over 20 times. I got my workout for the day.

 I do believe I have hit the nesting stage. I have always been a big organizer, but lately the urge to get things done is pretty intense. Sunday I made 6 pair of baby leggings in about an hour and a half. It was so fun! I was going to write a tutorial, but I kind of just wing it every time. That is definitely one of my weaknesses. Here is a link of a tutorial that is very similar to how I made them, and much better written than I could do. I used old clothes and lined up the bottoms with seams so there was less sewing and a little more of a finished look. I also like to use my double needle once in a while, because that makes them look more finished also. This project made me decide that I need a serger. I should have thought of it before Christmas!

 After all that rambling, here are two recent bump pictures, 35 and 36 weeks along. I am feeling great for the most part. I am a little uncomfortable, having a lot of braxton hicks, and sleep is getting less easy. We are getting so excited for this little guy to come out. Yesterday Jordan told me, "I miss him. Can we go to the hospital and get him out?" It is hard to explain how you can miss someone you have never met, but it is possible. I told Jordan he had to wait, but he wasn't very happy about that. It will be another 3-6 weeks before this guy is ready. I also accidentally saw my weight as a nurse entered it into her computer. Man, that is depressing! Jordan had to console me with ice cream over that one. I am doing my best at suppressing that bit of information