Friday, November 7, 2014

Fitting in

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? Lately I don't fit in my jeans, my shoes or my gym. haha. Jordan and I recently started going to Golds Gym. In January his work bought us gym memberships there and we put them on hold while we still had our Rec Center pass. Goodness there is a huge difference between the two gyms! We love that Golds is so close. I even finished before Jordan this morning, because my belly gave me strict instructions to stop, so I walked home. It was very nice. What isn't nice is that no one there wears clothes. If they do, they are painted on. Also, who has the energy to do their hair and make up before a 6 am workout? I find it pretty silly. It makes me very uncomfortable, but I think I will get used to it. It is funny that as the days go on I have started to have thoughts about wearing tank tops or booty shorts to work out in. Nobody wants to see my pregnant body like that. If you wear shorts and tank tops to the gym, please don't feel like I am judging you! Everyone should work out in what they feel comfortable in. I just decided a long time ago that I can work out in pants and a T-shirt and that makes me feel most comfortable. I need to remind myself that it isn't always good to fit in. I don't need to show off my newly acquired cleavage just because every one around me is. Below are some pictures of me not fitting in my jeans anymore:) This baby is actively taking up as much space as possible. I am constantly hungry and my lungs are angry that they don't have room to expand like they used to.