Thursday, June 18, 2015

Four months!

Lukey is four months old! Where has the time gone? I can tell you that we haven't slept the time away:) Luke became a great sleeper at 6 weeks old, but then we visited my parents while Jordan went to the Dominican Republic. Luke started fighting EVERY time I tried to put him to sleep. This resulted in lots of lost sleep on his end and mine. We also both cried a lot haha. After a week of this I was talking with my sister, Jen, and decided to go down to two naps to try to resolve things. I am also doing some cry it out at the moment:( Man that breaks your heart. If you think that is heartless take into consideration that yesterday I tried to comfort him, rock him, nurse him, seriously EVERYTHING I knew to help him and he cried for two hours before falling asleep for his afternoon nap. I knew nothing was wrong as we had been to the Dr for a check up this week and during awake time he was happy as a clam. This was happening every time I put him to sleep for 8 days! Now this morning when he started crying as I put him down, I dragged myself out of his room to sit in the hall. He cried for 5 min and fell asleep. His second nap he cried for 20. But COMBINED that is less than he did for one nap yesterday. I just think he is figuring out how to calm himself down to get some Zzzzzs. This is what is working for us right now.

Jordan had a great business trip! Man he missed us and we missed him, but it was so fun to hear about it. He had a hot tub in his room and went running on the beach every morning. I was envious. BUT he did work from 7am-1am every day. He got up around 4:30 just to exercise. He is dedicated.

This week my sister and her family are visiting. It has been so fun! They are at a music camp during the day, but we see them for a few fun hours during the night. Berrys, I'm sorry that I haven't put on make up or real clothes this week. I did today, so you're in for a treat when you get back;)

This has been a great month and I can't wait for more fun changes to come. This month Luke started rolling to his side while he is on his back. He will get the full roll soon! He also laughs, usually only at dad. He is 17lbs and has the best chubby legs. He has started to grab things and I love that! I especially love when he grabs my shoulder and my side as I am holding him. It is like a hug straight from Heaven. If you're lucky he will give you a 5 minute hug, but then he wants to be faced out to see what is going on.

Until next month, pray we get this sleep thing worked out in the next week or so and that I start feeling more human and less zombie.