Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dear five month old Luke

Dear five month old Luke,

You are sent from God to make me better. Each and every day I get to feed you, kiss you, snuggle you and help you learn. You are a quick learner. This month you learned so many fun things. You squeak like a dolphin and roll over like no one's business. Your chubby little fingers went from struggling to hold onto toys to being able to find and play with any toy we've given you. Sometimes you struggle with new shapes, like your big square blocks, but you quickly learn how to manipulate new objects to stay in your grasp. You stick everything into that sweet mouth of yours! You don't have any teeth, yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one pop through after yesterday's fussiness. Thank you for sleeping through the night, 11-13 hours, and taking two, two hour naps, most of the time. I know it is rough when you get those fat legs stuck in your crib bars. All this moving around is tough. The sleep makes mom less crazy, along with Zoloft. It has been so fun to show you new things, like the splash pad and fireworks. Your eyes get so wide and you do your best to take everything in. People always comment on how blue and wide your eyes are. They often think you are nervous about meeting new people or seeing new things, but I think you are just trying to learn as much as you can. You are the joy in my day. Your dad and I still fight over who gets to pick you up from your naps. Dad loves you so much. Only one person can watch your video monitor at a time and Daddy often logs me off so he can watch you sleep, or fight sleep, while he is at work. Thank you for letting me be your mom even though I have a lot to learn. You are the sweetest baby and I am so lucky to be with you!