Friday, May 4, 2012

If it wasn't for your face...

This may be TMI, but I want to remember this funny conversation I had with Jord while getting ready to go swimming: Me: Babe, you look really good in that Under Armor. If it wasn't for your faith, you could be an underwear model. Husband: What's wrong with my face!!? To this day he still believes that I said face, not faith. Who would believe that when he has a face like this?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Happy Things

The semester is FINALLY over for Jordan and I. We both did really well and are excited for a break from classes this summer. We will both be working and enjoying the free time we have by going to 7 peaks:) Lately we have done a lot of fun things! We go swimming all the time at our gym. Jordan is teaching me how to dive and how to keep my face in the water when I swim:) I even got goggles!
We went to a work BBQ that was really fun. I was SO glad Trina and her husband Steven were there. They move to California in a few weeks:( We are just going to have to visit them. Jordan played volly ball with the rest of the group, but I happily watched:)
We went to an employee apreciation baseball game, UVU vs BYU. It came with hot dogs and chips. It also came with a snow cone but you'd have to be a determined 5 year old to wait in the line. IT WAS SO LONG!
Last but not least I made my first pizza from scratch and was really surprised on how well it turned out. It was a stuffed crust BBQ chicken pizza. It was fast and yummy!
We did some things that I got no pictures of that are worth mentioning also... We went on a really fun double date with Jordan's friend Mark and his girlfriend. I have never seen anyone as excited as his date when we played Monopoly deal. She would bounce up and down with excitement screaming, "I have really good cards! I think these are really good!" We found out later that she didn't even understand how you play or win. haha. We also were part of a marriage panel for a YW group. We answered all of their questions about dating and relationships. I think I was a BAD example. There were girls there who obviously had boyfriends they wanted to write on a mission. One girl basically asked me, "If you didn't steady date in high school, you wouldn't be married today, right?" I tried my best to answer her, but eventually I just told them that I was a bad example. Hopefully I will be posting much more often because we are going to have the best summer! PS: I LOVE BEING MARRIED <3 -Jamie