Wednesday, September 23, 2015

7 months and 300 months

Luke, sweet Luke, you are 7 months old! You roll over, army crawl, giggle and give wet slobbery smooches. Your favorite things are cups and remotes. If anything is used for drinking, you innately know and do all you can to get it. A TV remote will keep you happy for such a long time. Sometimes I give one to you after a nap so I can get some long snuggles in. Your third tooth is just popping through. I hope you are done biting me:( I love you very much!

Jordan and I recently turned 25, or 300 months;) For J's birthday I gave him 25 gifts with 25 reasons I'm not divorcing him. It was basically for me. I loved hiding the gifts and watching him search for them each day. My favorite day was when he opened his kitty note book I got him haha! It happened to be right before his first day of school and you best believe I forced him to use it. It makes me laugh just thinking about it! Poor guy. For my birthday J spoiled me, along with family and friends.

Have a happy day, dear reader. Nap time is calling this tired mom.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


If you are a parent, this post is for you! Growing up in a small town had its perks.

Leaving your keys in your car right next to your wallet.
Never needing to lock the front door.
Knowing every person in your graduating class.

The list could go on forever. BUT needing to go shopping, bowling, watch a movie in a theater, etc consisted of quite a long drive. My parents had a few strategies for keeping 4 kids entertained on these drives, but the thing I remember most is Alexander's Amazing Adventures. These amazing stories kept us quiet and happy for any trip. The only fighting consisted of which story we wanted to listen to, and we wanted to listen over and over. The unique part about these stories is that not only are they entertaining, they teach strong family values. My favorite was always courage, probably because I have limited courage in my "scared of everything" self. There are over a dozen stories that teach positive values in a very universal way. I promise you will love each and every one of them.


I am very excited that today I am able to share these stories with one lucky reader! The Power of Moms website has given me my own copy of this program to review and a copy to give away. With my childhood casset tapes being less than usable in my car, I am so excited to have a digital copy of these stories, along with a parent audio discussion about how to teach your children values and a printable family discussion and activity guide. For complete program information, or to purchase your own copy visit this link. You can also listen to the first story, honesty, for free!

I am so giddy I can hardly contain myself from bursting into Luke's nap do a happy dance with him.

To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this blog post and tell me what character qualities you find most important to teach your children and leave your email. The winner will be selected Friday at noon, so comment before then!