Wednesday, September 23, 2015

7 months and 300 months

Luke, sweet Luke, you are 7 months old! You roll over, army crawl, giggle and give wet slobbery smooches. Your favorite things are cups and remotes. If anything is used for drinking, you innately know and do all you can to get it. A TV remote will keep you happy for such a long time. Sometimes I give one to you after a nap so I can get some long snuggles in. Your third tooth is just popping through. I hope you are done biting me:( I love you very much!

Jordan and I recently turned 25, or 300 months;) For J's birthday I gave him 25 gifts with 25 reasons I'm not divorcing him. It was basically for me. I loved hiding the gifts and watching him search for them each day. My favorite day was when he opened his kitty note book I got him haha! It happened to be right before his first day of school and you best believe I forced him to use it. It makes me laugh just thinking about it! Poor guy. For my birthday J spoiled me, along with family and friends.

Have a happy day, dear reader. Nap time is calling this tired mom.

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