Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hike to the Ice Caves

During spring break Jordan and I visited my parents down in Fillmore. One morning we went exploring to find what people call the ice caves. The pioneers found these "caves" in the lava rock. They always stay cold, even in the summer, so they used them to store perishable food. We had heard about them, but no one we knew had been able to find them. I did some searching on google and found directions from a geocacher. We went on blind faith. We were told that the pioneers had tried to expand the caves using dynamite and ended up collapsing them. We found them pretty easily and it was crazy how cold they were. After we did some exploring and found awesome cracks in the lava rock. Jordan decided to go down into them. He told me after that he knew going down that he would have to find a different way up. I am glad he only came up with cuts all along his hands and arms! This was a really fun adventure with my Dad. We are really excited to do it again.

The Birthday Assassin

It was Jordan's mom & brother's birthday this month. For his brother, we made him an Assassin's Creed knife sheath to go with his hoodie. It is from a video game that he loves. It was hard to tell, but I think he really liked it. I know I was proud of how it turned out!

Isn't my husband SOOOO good looking? Don't look too long;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fruit that fell on my lap

I have a few things I have been meaning to post that happened over spring break, but this mornings adventure has to be posted first so you can go get some fruit! I always knew that Walmart did add matching, but never bothered to do it. This old man in front of me at Walmart last week got me thinking about it and I decided to save the newspaper and glance through it as a result. I sure picked a great week! Today and tomorrow Oranges and Granny Smith Apples are on a great sale. Oranges are $0.10/lb and GS apples are $0.25/lb at buy low. I don't really like their produce, so I stuck with Walmart and simply price matched. I'm going to my sister Jen's house this weekend so I decided to buy enough for her family, Kara's family, and my mom and dad. I bought over 50 apples and 50 oranges and only spent $8! The oranges at Walmart are $0.50 each, which would be $25 by themselves. The apples would have been around $30 by themselves at $1.20/lb. I feel pretty accomplished today! I also think Jordan saw a new side of me. He seemed a little worried that I wanted to go to the store at 6am this morning. I'm glad I did because the apples were almost gone. The skipped work out was worth it;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A cute baby, a ripped blanket, and a whole lot of chicken!

A cute baby: The baby belongs to my awesome friend, Sarah. She was sweet enough to stop by my house last week and let me snuggle him. His name is Benton. Isn't he adorable? She is already such a cute little mommy!! I can't wait to see him grow up:)

A ripped blanket: The ripped blanket is a little bit of a long story. Anyone who was there for my bridal shower at Jordan's mom's house knows I was so excited to get a beautiful bed set from a kind neighbor. It was a really nice one and I knew, since it was from my registry, that it was expensive. I never expected someone to buy it, it was just fun to scan things. It looked like this....

I really did love it, but it kept falling apart. The bed skirt ripped many times and I had to sew it over and over. The actual comforter was already wearing out and we've only had it for two months. I was sad because I knew how much had been spent on it. Finally, on Saturday, when it ripped again I decided to do something about it. I took it back to the store and they were happy to give me store credit without a receipt. That meant I couldn't buy a visa gift card like I planned to do and have been doing with our other gift cards. After an hour of looking for something that would work I decided I couldn't pay that much for something when I could go to Target and get the one I really wanted. To end this long silly story I convinced the manager to let me buy the visa cards, I bought what I wanted at Target for less then half the price, and I will spend the rest on groceries:) Pictures don't do it justice. I am in love with the quality and the modern look.

A whole lot of chicken: My friend, Trina, asked me months ago if I would want to can chicken with her. I thought it sounded a little strange, but told her yes. I decided even if the chicken was gross, I would still get to hang out with her while we canned;) Last weekend we finally did it. Trina made the process really easy and the chicken ended up so yummy! I am so glad I learned how to do this. The first thing I made with it was chicken pillows. I was really tired that day and decided on doing something easy and a little less from scratch then usual. Tonight I am using it for Buffalo Chicken Pasta. The precooked chicken makes it so easy to cook. It just falls apart and becomes the perfect shredded yumminess:)! Thank you, Trina. PS. Don't mind my dirty oven. It is the first one I've had without a self-clean option and I haven't collected enough elbow grease to do anything about it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The lion has been tamed.

It took 3 months to convince this boy to let me cut his hair again. It had gotten SO long, but Jordan liked it so it stayed around for a while. I am very happy that he finally gave in a got it cut. I really need a good pair of clippers. Kara, can you tell me what kind to get? Mine are terrible.