Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Husband

I copy most of my posts into a journal to keep for my future children. I hope they will someday know of my testimony, my hard times and my happy times. I also hope that they know of the love that I have for my husband. He is honestly my favorite person in the world. If you don't think that he is awesome or have a bad view of him, you do not know him well enough. I know that he can come across in different ways, but he is a spectacular person that am lucky to call my husband. Here are a few things that have been on my mind lately.

He is so adventurous. He is not scared of many things. The most important part of his adventurous spirit is that he never pushes me. He knows that I am scared of almost everything so he comforts me when I need it and lets me be a happy bystander.

 He is spiritual. There is not a question that I ask him about scripture, doctrine or even deep thoughts or ideas that he has not already thought out. He has read so many books and can remember them all. He is so devoted to the Gospel and has a testimony that amazes me. Just last week I asked him about a future parenting idea while we were on an after dinner walk. I remember being amazed at how he earnestly answered and talked about how he knew that the Holy Ghost would guide us when we needed it and that he didn't want to be completely against anything because that might stop him from asking Heavenly Father for guidance. The way he talks of gospel principles shows me how firm he is in his beliefs and how much faith he has. He also never talks down to me about scripture. I have a terrible memory and sometimes I ask dumb questions, but he makes me love scripture because he talks so lovingly to me.

 He is beyond funny. His laugh is outrageous. I could watch any funny TV show with him because his laugh will entertain me all day long.
 Jordan is very sensitive, but also quick to forgive. An example of this happened this morning. He got up early with me to go to the gym, because I had to work early. Once we got there, I noticed some LDS garments in the parking lot. Garments are very special and sacred to me and so I got a little upset that someone would let them end up getting dirty and defiled in a parking lot. I quickly picked them up and didn't even notice that they were swarming with ants. I just put them in the car to discard of properly when we got home. When we finished in the gym, we got back in the car to find it infested with ants. I know it wasn't really my fault, but Jordan didn't get upset with me at all. He spent his morning getting rid of the little critters, though, and I told me he was still very glad that i spotted the garments.

There are so many other things I could say about my husband, but I think you are probably sick of this. I love the way he kisses me, the way he speaks to me. I love how he holds my hand and carries me to bed. I love his smile and his muscles. (I have a smokin picture of him shaving in his towel, but he would be embarrassed if I posted it lol) I am blessed to have a husband and also to have such an enjoyable relationship. The next time you see my husband, tell him a joke and I dare you not to love his laugh. 

Independence Day

I am a girl who loves her independence. A small story will illustrate. Me: "Jordan, if I ever do that, please remind me that it is crazy and stupid." Jordan: "Sure thing, babe." Jordan's dad, Vern: "Jamie, we all know that if you do this in the future, and Jordan reminds you that it is crazy, you will still do it anyway. You will just tell him that you changed your mind and not to tell you what to do." Me: "That actually sounds about right."

We had a really wonderful 4th of July this year. It began by waking up and going on a bike ride. We went down to our bikes to find that someone had smashed my tire to the point that I have to replace the whole thing:( Since my bike was out of the running, we called Jordan's sweet parents and asked if we could barrow some bikes. The route we were going on was just as close to their house. When we got there, Vern filled all the tires and Jord's brother Jayce decided to go with us. We began the ride, Jayce disappeared and we caught up to him about ten min later. Just after we hit about the half way mark, my tire exploded. It was immediately out of air. I must have been too heavy;) We gave Vern a call and he brought me a replacement bike and we journeyed on. The rest of the ride was beautiful.

Once we got home, we went boating. I was the official flag holder. Utah Lake is so vast and beautiful.

We went home after to shower and I made a pasta salad to take to dinner. We were so hungry when we got to dinner. I took my pasta salad out of the in-laws fridge to stir it up and put it on the table only to drop it on the floor. Jordan instantly teared up. Food doesn't get ruined by touching a clean floor, which my mother-in-law always has, so I used a spatula to get the stuff not touching the floor. There were only a few bits left so I started getting a rag to put those in the trash. Jordan pushed me away, got on his hands and knees and started eating. I love this boy. He said it was too good to waste. He finished every bit! Our day was topped of with the traditional fire works, with me standing as far away as possible. They have always freaked me out.

I hope your day was a little less eventful than ours. The fourth of July is always a fun holiday for us.