Sunday, June 30, 2013

Texas Visit

So it looks like I am going to post about once a month now lol. I am just a terrible blogger, not that anyone minds, I'm sure.

This past week I got to spend some time in Texas with my sister, her two boys, and her husband. She just had the CUTEST baby, Treagon (Tray-gun). I had the best time! I am not the most energetic or fun person, but I hope it was nice to have me there. We spent our week snuggling the baby, doing glitter toes, bleach shirts (epic fail), going to the pool and just hangin' out.

The Texas heat prepared me for coming home. It is currently 83 degrees on my apartment. I don't know if the swamp cooler is broken or on the wrong setting (the neighbors upstairs have the only control), but it is HOT. First thing Monday we are going to have a talk with the office. I don't remember it being even close to this warm last year. The hottest it would get was 74 AFTER I turned on the oven. If they can't do something about this I see a move in our future and many nights eating out. There is no way I'm cooking in here.

Oh yeah, back to my trip:) I had a really wonderful time, but I get such bad anxiety when I travel. Jordan spoiled me when I got back because he knew it was hard for me. Friday he took work off and we slept in, hit the gym, unpacked, cleaned the house, went out to eat at Nicolitalias (our favorite place) with my parents and then went to the temple.

If you think that day sounds like enough, you are right. We did not stop there, though. Saturday we had another amazing day together. We slept in, hit the gym, went to 7 peaks for a few hours, did laundry, went out to the Texas Road House (YUM), saw Man of Steal, went shopping for clothes and topped it off with shaved ice:) Whew it was two days of fun. I know that may sound like an expensive amount of splurging, which would also cause me anxiety lol, but it wasn't at all. Seven peaks is free with our Pass of all Passes, Jordan's work gave him paid time off, they also gave him the movie tickets, a gift card for the restaurant, and he had won some money in a work contest that we used for shopping and dessert, because we all know an unexpected bonus is free money:)

I am spending today grateful that I have such amazing family and a wonderful husband. We are so fortunate to have such a fun young marriage. I know I will look back at this time as one of the best times of my life. I don't know how I could ever be so deserving of these blessings, but I can do my best to express gratitude. I hope you are all having a summer to remember, because life is to short to stress about dumb things, like being REALLY worried that the ticket you are holding won't ACTUALLY get you on the plane. Not that I have ever worried extensively about something so silly;)

Monday, June 3, 2013


It has been over a month since I have posted. That is because my summer has been so dang great. I never seem to take pictures when I'm doing the things I really enjoy, like going swimming or eating out:) I do promise that Jordan and I are happy and healthy.

Yesterday I had a pretty neat experience in church. Have you ever known someone who just seems so amazing that you almost want to not like them? They are good looking, funny and seem to have the most perfect life. It can almost be maddening. I happened to grow up with a sister, Kara, who was always like this for me. I think it helped to humble me enough to try to get to know people like this. I work with this woman in primary who could be Kara's dopple ganger (is that the right phrase?). I have always been secretly envious that even days after her beautiful baby boy was born she looked better than me. Primary is so much fun because of her, though, and I really have thought she was just amazing. Yesterday she bore her testimony and shared some experiences that made me realize that I wouldn't take her battles or trials for 1,000,000 rubies. It is easy to compare ourselves to others, but we never really know how they are struggling.

Today I am grateful that I am blessed beyond measure. I will probably have to be reminded again later, but today I will remember to love myself and not compare my uniqueness to anyone else.

Proof that I actually wear contacts once a year:) My BFF Tori had a beautiful wedding and this was the photo booth.