Monday, August 27, 2012


Text convo:
Jordan: I just saw a guy wearing the same shirt as me.
Jamie: That's embarrassing.
Jordan: I know! If I have a class with him, I am dropping it.

I love my husband. He turned 22 on Saturday & we had so much fun celebrating! We went wake boarding with his dad and some friends and we also had a bbq put together by his mom. Here are a few recent pictures. One of my sunburn from wake boarding that doesn't look that bad, but I have been so itchy! I lotion all up but still wake up in the middle of the night frantically scratching.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grumpy Jamie

     I have been grumpy lately. I still feel like I'm nice and fun to be around, even though i admit to being a grump. Isn't that silly? Jordan probably does not think so. I have been feeling sick and stressful things have been happening with my work and with Jordan's work and even with my calling. I'm terrible at cooking dinner consistently when I'm in a bad mood. My poor husband is so good to me and some days he says, "I'm trying to act weird to make you happy." It really does make me happy when my hunky guy does the dishes or does a silly dance on the way to the grocery store. Marriage is wonderful like that & I guess I stop being in a bad mood now:)