Monday, May 2, 2016

Make it Right Monday

Did you make any guesses? In case you were one of my two readers, I won't keep you in suspense much longer....

The lie was #2! Luke calls me nothing. lol. He isn't big into words or copying. He babbles all day in a very cute language. He is just a little too obstinate to give in to my demands. I ask him to say mom and he says dad. I ask him what a monkey says, and he will only tell me if we are driving in the car and he doesn't know that I can see him in the rear view mirror. Such a cute stinker. He is walking very well, and on a less busy week I'll post some pictures of the cuteness that is Luke.

Jordan did graduate and it is as sweet as it sounds! We celebrated with Friday and Monday off of work. We went to an Aviary and chased peacocks, had a BBQ with family and ate out far too many times. YAY for being DONE!!!!!! He is loving his job, so we will stick with it and enjoy the idea of never doing a homework assignment again. Even though I did J's homework, I think I'll force my kids to do their own:)

I also do only wear makeup on rare occasions. I sometimes wonder if I've let myself go, but then as the thought comes, my toddler lunges toward something dangerous and the thought is gone.

Have a wonderful week!!