Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October update

Life has been going by so fast! We are in love with the Fall.

This month I got a new co-worker. Usually that isn't exciting news, but in my office there are 6 people and I was the youngest by 20+ years before Madison got hired. It has been so fun to have someone to talk to when we aren't busy explaining that not all rice from China is contaminated. Stupid Dr. Oz. Your advice makes many people irrational. Work is a joy and I look forward to going most days:)

Jordan's job is equally great. He is still doing double duty because his promotion hasn't gone through. He is a supervisor and an "undercover manager" :) He does a lot of managerial work because there is so much that needs to be done, but he is waiting for the title and pay raise. Hopefully by Christmas. Who knows! He is liking his classes, but his Physiology teacher sure knows how to write tough tests. He is a smart cookie and I'm sure he will pass, if not he will take it again from a more reasonable teacher.

We sure love Ragnar, Jordan's parents bird. He sings to us, nuzzles us and even lets us pet him without biting once in a while. He also poops, which is his major defect.

The pregnancy is going great! I am blessed to have an easier pregnancy. I am not in the hospital or taking any prescriptions. Complaining is still an often occurrence, however, and Jordan puts up with it:) Pregnancy just isn't fun sometimes! Our little man is growing very well. Our Dr. has given us plenty of stress with some "abnormalities" that showed up on the ultrasound. Most of them are cleared up, but others will take 6 weeks to see if there is any progress. I am confident that everything will be great and our technology is so good now that they see things they can't explain and are obligated to check them out. I am not allowing myself to worry, but I have had TMJ ever since so maybe I am clenching my jaw and stressing in my sleep, haha. Jordan just jokes that I must be clenching my jaw to make sure I don't sleep with my mouth open. (I have a pet peeve of people who have there mouth just hanging open all the time.)

We are looking forward to the holidays. We are spending Thanksgiving in Fillmore and Christmas in Orem. It is such a fun season! I just wish our roads were heated and I didn't hyperventilate at the thought of driving on icy roads. I guess I can test out my hypnobirthing skills on my daily winter drives.

As my most loyal customer always tells me, "Christ the Lord Jesus is your savior and I hope you have a blessed day!" He is a reverend, and when he isn't arguing with me he is a real pleasure.