Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hike to the Ice Caves

During spring break Jordan and I visited my parents down in Fillmore. One morning we went exploring to find what people call the ice caves. The pioneers found these "caves" in the lava rock. They always stay cold, even in the summer, so they used them to store perishable food. We had heard about them, but no one we knew had been able to find them. I did some searching on google and found directions from a geocacher. We went on blind faith. We were told that the pioneers had tried to expand the caves using dynamite and ended up collapsing them. We found them pretty easily and it was crazy how cold they were. After we did some exploring and found awesome cracks in the lava rock. Jordan decided to go down into them. He told me after that he knew going down that he would have to find a different way up. I am glad he only came up with cuts all along his hands and arms! This was a really fun adventure with my Dad. We are really excited to do it again.

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