Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fruit that fell on my lap

I have a few things I have been meaning to post that happened over spring break, but this mornings adventure has to be posted first so you can go get some fruit! I always knew that Walmart did add matching, but never bothered to do it. This old man in front of me at Walmart last week got me thinking about it and I decided to save the newspaper and glance through it as a result. I sure picked a great week! Today and tomorrow Oranges and Granny Smith Apples are on a great sale. Oranges are $0.10/lb and GS apples are $0.25/lb at buy low. I don't really like their produce, so I stuck with Walmart and simply price matched. I'm going to my sister Jen's house this weekend so I decided to buy enough for her family, Kara's family, and my mom and dad. I bought over 50 apples and 50 oranges and only spent $8! The oranges at Walmart are $0.50 each, which would be $25 by themselves. The apples would have been around $30 by themselves at $1.20/lb. I feel pretty accomplished today! I also think Jordan saw a new side of me. He seemed a little worried that I wanted to go to the store at 6am this morning. I'm glad I did because the apples were almost gone. The skipped work out was worth it;)

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  1. wow that is awesome! walmart price matching is so awesome they could lose a lot of money if everyone decided to not be lazy and do it haha.