Friday, April 29, 2016

Fiction Friday

Secrets and fibs have never been my thing. I get all excited about any surprise I may be planning that I always spill the beans. I blurted out that I was pregnant to my sister in an awkward moment of no self-control, when I was planning a fun reveal later in the week! I often buy my husband multiple birthday and Christmas gifts because I tell him what I got him the day I buy it, which sometimes is months in advance. I really have no business telling fibs. With this preface I introduce my new blogging format: 

Every Friday I will post "Fiction Friday" in a format commonly called "two truths and a lie." You will then have to wait with great trepidation for "Make it Right Monday" where I will right all wrongs and come clean about my fib. With any luck this will help me learn to keep a surprise for more than 5 minutes and I will be able to post regular updates in a fun format. Here goes nothing....

In no particular order...

1. Jordan finally graduated from college this week.
2. Luke is adorably calling me "Mommy!"
3. I have successfully worn makeup once this week.

Of course your guess isn't official unless you leave it in the comments.

Happy weekend, dear reader!

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