Friday, July 6, 2012

Barnes & Noble

For our date activities, Jordan & I love to go to Barnes and Noble. It really is pretty awesome that I married a guy who shares my love of reading. You may think it's weird to go here to sit and read, but go to the Orem library and you will understand. They have NO books. If you want a specific book, chances are there is a 50 person waiting list and inquiring at the counter for assistance results in laughter from the employees. Hence, we go here until someone shapes up that dumb library or we move somewhere else. Today I finished Brandon Mull's second book in the Beyonder's series, Seeds of Rebelion. Then I started his book, The Candy Shop War's. Both are fabulous, fun reads. My reading partner is pretty handsome!


  1. Just found your blog-cute! Also, my hubby and I love to read together so if you have any fantastic books you have read recently I would love some recommendations. :)

    1. Thanks, Jana! I mostly read kid books haha. What type of books do you guys read?

    2. Hey, we like kid books too! :) We will pretty much read anything. We just finished The Help and really loved it. We like historical fiction and a good mystery book as well.