Saturday, July 28, 2012

Groesbeck Family Reunion

My Groesbeck fam reunion is something everyone involved looks forward to. My grandparents have 9 children, so you can imagine it is a great time. This year was Jordan's first time invited & he loved it! We stayed at a big cabin near Manti. There were so many people we stayed it a tent. I really had a great time seeing everyone! We really missed my sister Jennifer and her family, though:(

Here are the few things I captured on my camera...

The snake Mr. Jordan caught. He just grabbed it by the tail and spun around in circles until he could grab the head to avoid being bitten. The snake constricted around his hand and was strong enough to cut off circulation. We calmed it down and played with it for quite a long time.

Pretty Kaci holding the snake.

We thought we would scare my mom, but she actually loved it. Kara, on the other hand, would freak out every time we took it close to her.

We borrowed a blow up water slide from Jordan's dad. It was SO much fun. The kids there loved it so much.

Cooper manned this water gun like a champ. He had little interest in the slide or being in the water.

This toy gun was his favorite. He played with it any chance he could. He even learned how to pump it and squirt innocent bystanders. He is a fun little nephew:)

It was such a fun reunion! I am so grateful for all of my family and the things they do to bring us together.

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  1. wow I'm surprised the snake was so popular. Stephen thinks snakes are the devil and they should all be killed (and he doesn't even often kill bugs that get in our house). I loved your mom's reaction though haha it makes me want to be brave. I want to have a reunion with a big water slide for adults!