Friday, June 29, 2012

6 month celebration!

               For our 6 month celebration Jordan and I tried a friend recommended restaurant, Mama Chus. We love us some Mexican food, so we decided to take a chance. 
            When we pulled up, we almost doubted our decision, but decided not to turn around. We were pretty hungry.

       While we waited we ate the really spicy salsa. We tried to take a picture with a jalapeno chunk and I had my tongue out in a "this is spicy" manner, and the little punk named Jordan tried to put a massive jalapeno inside my mouth:( I may look amused, but I was not.

     Jordan was VERY happy that he could get two smothered burritos for about $8.

      Our frozen cake was basically a disaster. Jordan's dad was so good and tried really hard to preserve it for us. It just got very soggy and yucky. Our reactions tell a great story.

     Like I posted earlier, our marriage is a blessing & I enjoy every second of it. I am so lucky to have Mr. Zeus in my life. He is pretty amazing!


  1. I cannot believe you've been married for 6 months!!!! But I guess I've been pregnant for 4....dang time goes so fast.
    So did you like the restaurant? When I come to UT I'm going to eat at so many places haha
    Congrats on your anniversary! You guys are cute and I love you

  2. Jamie! I didn't know you had a blog. You and your man are super adorable! How did you like Mama Chus? Devin and I think it's pretty tasty! So glad that you are enjoying life! Love you!

  3. We liked it alot! And Trina, I better be invited to go to these places with you:)