Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ugly pictures of a happy girl

I never blog. Then I think I should just delete it, but that makes me feel sad & I'd probably just make another one a week later. So, this is me blogging. I lost my camera for a long time, but it has been found & I have taken a whole two pictures with it. One was at the movies after a long day at 7 peaks. I know I look LOVELY, but I want to remember how fun the day was:) The other picture is me and my beautiful friend Sarah. I had lunch with her yesterday & actually took a picture. So, I guess this is proof that I have friends:) Summer has been wonderful & I am one happy girl!! I think my husband is happy too, unless he secretly cries when I leave for work. I doubt it though

1 comment:

  1. please dont' delete your blog and please keep taking pictures :)