Friday, August 9, 2013

Another 5 Fact Friday

 1. Last Friday night I was feeling really strange, almost like I drank 5 Red Bulls. To help me feel better J took me on a walk. I'm like a puppy. If I start to whine, I probably just need some attention and exercise. It really helped and I forgot all about having a fuzzy feeling brain.
 2. It has been really nice to live so close to UVU. In two weeks we will be going back. I am not ready for 7 classes. It makes me feel like shedding some serious tears. Life will still be a fun adventure with this guy, though.
 3. Are any of you also bad people? I have had this dress which was lent to me by my friend, Whitney, since High School. I just like it and she lent it to me right after graduation and those are my grand excuses.
 4. This is the Orem rec center where we pump iron each morning. ;) When Jordan's brothers come along, the work outs are always more entertaining. I had Jayce doing the same work out with me. I think he hated it lol. It hurt his pride to have to do girl push ups, but when he tried to narrow push ups, they really work the triceps, he had no choice.
5. This past Monday we had a really fun pool party. Jordan's Aunt Suzanne invites us each year and we always love it. The only bad part was that Jordan's cousin Austin cut his knees pretty bad while they were trying to do pull ups on the water fall:(

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