Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Fact Friday

I think I will try to make this a thing. We will see how I do.
1. I finished the work out plan I have been doing for the past two weeks. I didn't do the diet or the cardio portion. Reasoning: I do cardio with Jord. We go running and swim every other day. Also, restrictive dieting is unhealthy, in my opinion. I just try to eat in moderation and I feel it is doing my body the good it needs. I also take vitamins. I started some new ones today that J got for free from his work. Should seeing NEON urine worry me? haha. I chatted Jord about it and he asked me to send a picture. I said "No. Jeepers that is ICKEY!" Anyway on a less "gross you all out" topic, I did start the 12 week program over. It has been really fun for me to spend time with J in the weight room. I arranged my Fall Schedule so I can continue going with him. I am not really looking forward to 19 credits. 

2. I got to see Kara and baby Treagon for a short while. She was up seeing a chiropractor that I recommended. I felt bad because I have never been to his actual office, he just adjusts us at his house, because we are neighbors. Anyway, Kara had to wait for WAY to long. Sorry Kara:(

 3. These books came to our lost and found and I have loved reading them, as well as the FOUR books Jordan needed for his ONE anatomy class. In the books from work, I learned some ways to strengthen my diaphragm. Because of a hernia of my hiatus, my diaphragm is the only thing holding my stomach back from going inside my esophagus. I tried the exercises and couldn't even do them. I am working on it, though.
 4. We made this and devoured it. It was really easy and yum city.
5. This was Jordan teaching his younger brother, Alex, how to deal with their genetic back condition. They are missing part of their L5 vertebrae. Well, we don't know if Alex is, but he gets the same pain as Jordan, who definitely has the condition.  I really loved watching him teach the stretches and exercises. He sure loves his brother and health. I know he is going to be good at whatever he ends up doing as a profession. He is wonderful and I think I love him;)

Have a happy weekend!

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