Monday, September 2, 2013


This weekend Jordan's family on the Cotterell side had there first ever family reunion. We decided we had to go, mainly because I had never met most of them and Jordan rarely sees them. It was just a quick trip, we left Friday afternoon around 2pm and we got home Sunday around 10pm. Seeing the family was definitely the best part, but of course I don't have pictures of that. There were group photos taken, I just don't have them yet. We talked, watched football, ate and played a lot of games. 

 We stayed at Jordan's Grandpa's cabin, about 30 min away from his home. It was a great part of our trip! Jayce, a Brother In Law, took about 1000 pictures of all of these mounts.

 We went on a short walk Saturday morning to go see the place where Jordan often hunts. In less than an hour we saw three golden eagles, a beaver, turtles, rabbits and baby rabbits, dear, and one rattle snake, that was less than 3 feet in front of us. I was the only one who had the freeze, and then walk away part down. Jordan and his brothers just did the freeze part haha. Jordan, I'm sure, would have backed away but he had to help his brothers do it first lol.

 I know you are thinking I am silly posting a black picture, but this picture has a pretty good story. When we would get to the cabin at night we would pause and shine our lights into the fields to see if we spotted any deer or other animals near by. The first night we saw at least 30 deer at a distance and two moose. This picture was from the second night. We had just stopped for the first time and we were turning the car, not seeing any glowing eyes when BAM a huge buck was five feet in front of us. He was spooked and ran, and it was dark so the picture is about as easy to believe as a picture of aliens haha, but he was there.

 On the drive home we took the scenic route. We stopped at the two cabins Jordan's family had while he grew up. These pictures are from Mesa Falls. The best thing that happened there was when we were walking down. J and I brought up the rear right behind Donna, J's mom. She HATES snakes and seconds before she stepped on one I spotted it and yelled for her to stop. It was pretty funny to see. Don't mind my "we're driving 8 hours and I'm not doing my hair today" look.

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