Monday, December 10, 2012

Temple Square

We got to go to temple square to listen to Jordan's sister sing yesterday. It was a much needed break from studying for finals. It was pretty cold, but I just had Jordan carry me around so we could conserve body heat. I thought it worked great:) Temple square is so beautiful this time of year! I just loved being there.

My work is in charge of all the lost and found at UVU. We sell items that have been there for more than 96 days and we are allowed to take a few things, since we spend so much time organizing it! I found a North Face jacket just in Jordan's size. I washed it up and it is as good as new. The other item is still a debate for me. I have been in great need of a new bra, and I'm not a fan of inexpensive ones. I'm also not fond of spending money. See my dilemma?  I came across a really expensive one in my size in the Lost and found, but don't know if washing it is enough to get the thought of someone else wearing it out of my mind. It may go back to the pile haha.

On another random side note, I was taking a final today and as my teacher handed me my test he turns his head away in a quick reaction that made me think he was going to sneeze or possibly hurl. To my surprise he was just reacting to my wedding ring. Apparently it sparkled in his eye. It was pretty amusing to have a 60 year old man grab your hand and say "It's so sparkly " It kind of makes your day to get a comment like that after a year of marriage.

Happy holidays!

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