Monday, December 17, 2012

Massaman Chicken

This is what is for dinner & Mr. Cotterell needs to get his bum home so I can eat it. It is a YUMMY Thai dish called Massaman Chicken. (I may have eaten tasted some already). One day at work I was talking about cooking with my coworkers, Air and Jimmi. We decided to cook each other dinners once in a while. Today Air, who is from Thailand , made this for us:) Jimmi is from Korea and will cook something Korean. What American food am I going to make? The only American foods I can think of are hamburgers and hot dogs. All the rest that come to mind are rip offs of other countries. Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza- Italy. Tacos, Enchiladas- Mexican. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated:) I'm sure they don't want me to make them hot dogs.

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