Friday, September 21, 2012

From 0 to 60 in seconds...

Sometimes I wish my stress levels weren't either 0 or out of control. I try not to stress out and don't let things get to me. I fell for the most part I don't worry during the day. I just have faith that things will work out if I am doing all I can. THEN it seems like I have moments where my stress gets out of control and my poor husband has to listen to my irrational ramblings through a lot of tears. Does anyone else do that? I'm sure you don't. I am quite a weird one.Well today I am focusing on my blessings so another freak out doesn't happen haha. Here is a recent list:

I went to the doctor again because it seems like it's been a year of me feeling crappy ALL the time. I was sick of trying to convince them not to prescribe me medicine for dizziness but to find out WHY I am so light headed and exhausted all the time. Finally my doctor took blood work and it showed that even with me taking iron, I have low iron. It also showed that my B12 levels are lower than low. These are both forms of Anemia and it makes it really hard for my body to get oxygen. Hopefully with my new supplements I will feel normal again.

I wasn't charged a dime at my doctor's appointment.

I wasn't charged a dime at my eye appointment either!

I got 110% on a test in my first aid class.

Now today and tomorrow I have to study for and take two tests, for anatomy I will be thrilled if I pass.


  1. I know how you feel about crazy flip flopping stress levels. No fun!

    I hope your new supplements work for you! Definitely not cool to feel dizzy all the time.

    And last but not least good luck with your anatomy tests!

  2. for real, they JUST did blood tests?? what lazy bums not to do that earlier!! I'm glad they found out what's wrong so you can feel better. Nice happy things list :)