Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sometimes I don't REALLY realize blessings until they are gone. I am realizing today that I had been missing a huge blessing and counting it as a trial. Right after I got engaged to my hunk he got a really great job offer. He was going to be a personal assistant and making $$$$$ for limited hours. Let's just say he never started that job. It was always "next week" and "next month." According to the owner, it is still happening. Jordan never felt good about taking another job, because as soon as this other one worked out, he would be quitting. He eventually applied to a lot of places and nothing ever worked out. During this 9 months I was working, and our financial needs were always met. It was sure a miracle and I always saw it as a blessing. I had faith that everything would work out, but I still thought it was a trial that Jordan wasn't working. Little did I know that it was the greatest blessing. We were able to spend so much time together. Our relationship is so strong because of that. We also were able to go to the temple all the time, usually once a week. We had date nights in the park and study sessions in the library. We ate dinner together every night. It was absolutely a wonderful 9 months. Yesterday he started a great job. He is only working 30 hours a week, 1-7 M-F, but that combined with my work and both of our full time classes, I feel like I will never see him. We both go to sleep around 9 and wake up at 6, so thats only about 1 hour at night when you take into account he doesn't get home until 7:30. Today I am whining but I know that this too will be a blessing. I now realize that I should choose to be grateful to my Heavenly Father for things I don't even yet realize as blessings. I should be better at counting my blessings, because they leave so quickly!


  1. Yes this is lucky! Usually it's the other way around. You get married and then never see each other!

  2. Yeah for job!! But I do agree it stinks not being able to see each other very much.

  3. Its so true. We're either unhappy something is one way, or unhappy its not the other way (if that makes sense) but we should just be thankful! Thanks for the reminder. Glad he got a job, don't worry you'll find time to see each other. Thats always my worry when one of us gets a new schedule or something, but it always works out, and then your time together means even more.