Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our big day!

To begin this post, I have to give credit to all the beautiful pictures. One of my favorite people took them for us, my sister:) You can check out her site if you are cool. It is jenniferberryphotography.com.

The wedding day was absolutely amazing. BEST day ever. Couldn't have been better. The wedding was the first event and it happened at 3 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It was really nice to have the entire morning to anticipate the joy to come. I really did love the temple. It is a fantastic place.

After the wedding we went to celebrate in Wadley Farms in Lindon. My mom and sisters helped set everything up and everything looked amazing. The cake was done by my good friend Julia Hess and I was so grateful for her. I had to ask her to do it a week before our day! She really deserves a million dollars for the friend that she is to me. I had the best bridesmaids and the husband ended up with the best groomsmen. They helped a lot and it was just great to have close friends to celebrate with.

I mentioned that my sister, Jen, did my pictures. She did so much work and did it all in the most graceful way. Everything was laid back, simple, fun and the pictures turned out amazing. I will cherish them for a very long time, and then my kids will cherish them. I have the best siblings. My other sister, Kara, did my hair and helped with my makeup. I love her very much for putting up with my picky-ness.

Starting the day at 3 was the best decision that I ever made. It wasn't too long or tiring. I enjoyed each and every min. I wasn't watching the clock or rubbing sore feet. I am so lucky to be married to such a sweet man. I love him more every minute!

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