Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honeymoons are 100% essential

Jordan may be embarrassed by this video, but it was basically the only one we took, and I like it, so let's keep it between us. Yeah? Our honey moon was heaven. We flew to Florida and stayed there for new years eve. The next day we got on a boat and turned off all communication with the outside world for 7 days. Our cruise was beautiful. We had two eventful moments that stick out in my memory.

One was when J was playing a trivia game in the big theater. It was called the last man standing. I played, and got out pretty fast. Jordan, however, was one of the last two standing. Now this was a game in front of a lot of people, given we did not know them, but there were a lot. The host walked up to Jordan for the first time in the game and said, "Man that is a massive hickey!" I am not sure that the word used was massive. It may have been sweet, huge, awesome, but you get the point. Jordan of course was very proud. I was very embarrassed. He ended up loosing to a trick question in the end, but the host gave him a meddle anyway to hide the hickey. It was a pretty funny moment and people never looked at us the same after.

The next moment happened in the bedroom. It wasn't anything like you're thinking so get your mind out of that gutter. We were watching a movie and I decided to try to kind of arm wrestle Jord in the air. I was just restless and wanted to show my strength. Well my biceps are strong, but my wrists are not. My wrist gave out precisely when his fist was above my nose. His fist flew down and popped me. I was positive that it was broken, but it is not. I can now also say that I have been punched in the nose.

Jordan and I loved our honeymoon. It was full of love, food, laughter and swimming. I highly recommend them to everyone!!


  1. HAHAHA Jamie
    1- I love that Jordan told the truth in the video. I wouldn't have believed any other answer he would have given.
    2- I love that you made a blog. I'm going to read it and be your biggest stalker :)

  2. :] I love you guys! So funny! And... I may have to disagree with Princesspan...I will definitely be your biggest stalker. :) I love you!