Friday, October 25, 2013

My Forecast May Contain a Storm

This needs to be documented for the sake of argument. lol. Jordan and I are hopeful to become parents some day. Raising a family is a big goal for me. I know that there are many people struggle with having children and I pray that I don't have that burden to bare. With this preface, J and I often talk about raising our future kids and how we want to teach them. This morning Jord comes out of the shower BEAMING and explains to me that he had an epiphany in the shower. I completely thought it would be about anatomy, since he spends his days studying for that class, but the rest of the conversation went somewhat like this:

Husband: When our sons start dating I have the perfect guidelines for them.

Wife: (At this point I'm thinking about things like no sex ect. and date in groups) Yeah?

Husband: The first thing our sons will do when they date a girl is find out if she's a good kisser. This is my reasoning, you can get to know someone and take it slow and fall for them, but if you wait until then to kiss them and they are a bad kisser, you are stuck.

Wife: (rolls eyes) This is not happening

Jordan continued to argue that this was a good idea. The conversation lasted at least 30 minutes. Neither of us folded. I really hope he is just teasing me, but my logic tells me that he actually thinks this is a good plan. At least he is a good kisser;)

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