Monday, April 29, 2013


I want to start this post saying I hope this post isn't offensive to anyone. I don't want it to sound like bragging and I also hope it doesn't seem like I am obsessive with looks or vanity. I just want to document this fun time in my life. Marrying Jordan has been such a blessing and honestly if these first years are the best years of our marriage, it will all have been worth it.

Jordan and I have planned what we hope to be an amazing summer. We have given ourselves so much free time. We were both feeling overwhelmed with school, and our Fall semester is going to be so exhausting, so we decided that summer would be something we would plan to enjoy. Our plans include working and that was about it. We sat down and decided to make other plans that would be fun for each of us. What we decided on were health goals. We made a schedule where we will lift weights Monday-Saturday and do some fun Cardio after lifting. Mondays and Thursdays we jog to our favorite park and Tuesdays and Fridays we swim laps. We have some goals with our diet like how often we will eat out and the types of food we will eat. It is so fun to have a husband to do these things with. My personal fitness goals are to have a six pack and to be able to do ten pull ups. Those are mostly silly, but I am excited to try and accomplish things that I have never done. We also have other goals such as temple attendance and scripture study. This is the summer of the Cotterells! (Seinfeld reference.)

This was the beginning of our temple goal. We went to two sealings and two receptions in one day. We were so tired. It didn't help that we were both sick with a nasty bug and I was a bridesmaid for one of the weddings which included staying for pictures and helping with the reception set up. However, it was a very special day for us.

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