Friday, March 8, 2013

Weight a Minute!

     I have been contemplating this post for a few months, but have always worried that it would hurt feelings, and never knew the right way to word things. As a disclaimer, I don't want anybody to take this post personally. K? K.

      One of my biggest pet peeves is when people comment on weight. Weight and size are personal.I think I have lost a little weight in the past year or so. I wouldn't know since I haven't weighed myself since middle school. It is a number that I choose not to know. It seems like daily I have someone who will tell me how "small" or "skinny" I am looking. I know this is a nice compliment for most, but to me it is saying, "You look better than I remember," or "Your not as fat anymore." I know this is just me being self conscious and maybe even vain. Anyway the point of this is, if you give me a compliment about my size and I say something awkward like "That's a good thing, I guess?" I promise I am not trying to be crazy. I am just uncomfortable with the idea of others paying attention to my size/weight and so my reaction comes out bad. I hope I am not the only one who doesn't react well in all situations.

     On a bright note, It is officially Spring Break and I get to go see my sister Jen:) On a sad note, Jordan didn't get work off, so we only get to go for two days:(

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  1. oops sorry. to me it is a big compliment and I don't hear it often so I like to say it to people. All it means is you look great, not that you used to look "not so great" anyway...noted.