Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Half a year old

Luke turned 6 months old this month! Yahoo!!! This has been such a great month filled with milestones and new experiences.

- I absolutely adore his full body smiles. He smiles from his toes to his eyebrows. I often catch this type of smile if I do a dance for him as we listen to Pandora and cook dinner. It is my favorite.
- Sleeps through the night
- Weighs 19 lbs
- Is impossibly wiggly when trying to change his diaper
- Is slightly obsessed with Mom
- Two teeth (He has only bit me once while eating, ouch!)
- Started solids this week. We are doing baby led weaning, which basically means he eats what we eat. We just put big pieces in front of him so his chubby fingers can pick it up and he can go to town. Small pieces would just make him frustrated because at this age babies can only fist their food. If it is soft enough to squish with your fingers, he can eat it with his gums. So far we have only done watermelon, bread, lemons, and baked potato fries. Tonight he will get some steak and more potatoes. Any way you feed your baby is perfect as long as it works for you. This has been a good fit for us. I'm not super into making a separate meal for the baby, so hopefully this helps him learn to eat what we are eating. He has been a rock-star with this so far!
- Jordan's brother is allergic to peanuts so I am going to do some research in the next few days to decide what to do about allergen type foods. (Eggs, strawberries, peanuts ect.) Our dr told us today to avoid all common allergens until 1, but I have read that advise is outdated and the opposite is actually found to be better. I mentioned that to him, and he did give me an explanation about how babies guts are still leaky at this age, but I am going to read the studies myself to decide what to do, and consult him of course. I respect his opinion, but I'm the one responsible to get all the facts and make sure his advise is right for us.
- He had his first stay in a hotel for my family reunion. He did so great the whole weekend. It was so perfect.
- Started to take big boy baths instead of laying in his baby tub, HE LOVES IT!

That is all I can think of for now. Below are far too many pictures:)

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  1. I love it!! I love all of the pictures and I'm SO glad he's sleeping through the night! :) You guys are so cute!