Monday, September 15, 2014

You can spend your whole life learning, and still be an idiot.

I absolutely love to learn! My job is fantastic because I learn all day long. I have realized lately that even though you have a degree, even a PhD, and still have so much to learn. I know that what the scriptures say is true, in that the learning we do in this life will benefit us greatly in the next. Sometimes, though, it is hard to be motivated to keep going!

Health is one of those subjects that is quite subjective. You can find endless opinions about Vitamin D alone. (I know this because I have been studying about that since 10 this morning.) There is no way I will ever know it all. NOBODY DOES! The key is to admit you are clueless, study the best you can, check your resources, and realize that God never intended us to know it all in this life. I KNOW that we have all the tools we need in the scriptures. When I get flustered and wonder if I need to check my D 25 OH levels every week to assure I'm not going to be experiencing 100 things related to D-3 deficiency......I take a breath and remember that God told us to do everything in moderation. I am aware of my health and proactively seek to improve it. I do not need to spend all my energy coming up with a diet and exercise plan, I need to listen to my body and the ques it gives me. If I am lacking D-3 I would probably crave milk, sunshine and salmon. Our bodies are so magnificent. I for one am going to pray extra long today expressing gratitude that my body is perfect. It doesn't belong in a magazine, but it is doing a killer job and growing a baby. Millions of things are going on right now to help me to survive and I don't have to be an expert in any of those things for them to happen. 

It is a miracle. Life is a miracle. 

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