Monday, June 30, 2014

Pregnancy! & My Personal Opinions about Family.

Jordan and I could not be more excited about our pregnancy! I am hoping to be a little more dedicated to blogging throughout the process. I think it will be a good place for me to journal about each stage, so that when I'm every thinking of signing up to grow a baby again, I remember how I felt this time;)

1. The above picture is the morning we found out we were pregnant. A little TMI may be involved in these posts, so proceed with discretion. We had decided to stop taking birth control pills mid May. I know some people try to get that out of their system for a while before trying, but we prayed and felt good about trying right away. I had been feeling symptoms all month, but wouldn't let myself take a pregnancy test until the day I would have started my next cycle. After all, I am a hypochondriac. I could convince myself that I am sick in an instant. The night before taking the test I read the instructions and it said "Recommended to take with first morning urine." I, of course, woke up at 5am and couldn't hold it. I took the test and had thought I would wait to look at it until J woke up at 6:30, but then I read, "Do not read after 10 minutes." UGH! So I watched it instantly turn to two lines and had to wait over an hour to tell the husband. He was so sleepy as I tried to show him a picture of the test on my phone. He was squinting and trying so hard to focus, but it took him a good minute to figure everything out.

2. We were both SO excited and decided to wait and tell his family the next Sunday (Father's Day) and tell my family when they would all be visiting in about two weeks. The above picture is me at 6 weeks. I told my sister, Kara, first because she is in Texas and wouldn't be there with everyone. It so fun to tell everyone! I love that everyone in my life is so supportive and giving. This will be the first grandchild on Jordan's side, and you can bet that my mother-in-law is beyond happy about it.

3. This is a picture of me yesterday, at 7 weeks. I don't feel as though I'm "showing" at all, but I do feel that I am thickening. This could be because I have to constantly eat or I get pretty nauseated. Being nauseated and tired are my two main symptoms. I also have had a headache for weeks now. I have found myself getting irritated pretty easily, but J just puts up with me. It's funny, at any moment if I don't feel sick, I worry that the baby is going to miscarry. It only takes a few minutes for the sick feelings to return, though. I guess that is a blessing in disguise.

4. Recently J and I were called to be teachers in the CTR 5 primary class. We have been loving it. They have been working on the song, "The Family is of God" for the few weeks we have been in. Can I just say how much I love that song? I find myself singing it in my dreams, as I fall asleep, in the shower, basically all day. You should hear the kids in my class scream the chorus. I did a lot of thinking about this song last night when I was too sick to sleep. I believe that families are central to God's plan. He has told us through prophets that "Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. " Could you imagine what our world would be like if that were to happen? The Proclamation to the World also talks about the need for loving and nurturing parents. I often feel inadequate when I consider becoming a mother. This simple song has helped me to realize that I am striving to follow God's plan of happiness. That is really all that I can do. I believe that I am doing what I can to give my children the things they deserve. Now, if only I could convince Jordan that Ragnar, Jordanson, Raphael, ect are not acceptable names, our unborn baby would have it good;)

Below are the words:

1. Our Father has a family. It’s me!
It’s you, all others too: we are His children.
He sent each one of us to earth, through birth,
To live and learn here in fam’lies.

2. A father’s place is to preside, provide,
To love and teach the gospel to his children.
A father leads in fam’ly prayer to share
Their love for Father in Heaven.

3. A mother’s purpose is to care, prepare,
To nurture and to strengthen all her children.
She teaches children to obey, to pray,
To love and serve in the fam’ly.

4. I’ll love and serve my family and be
A good example to each fam’ly member.
And when I am a mom or dad, so glad,
I’ll help my fam’ly remember:

God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—
This is how He shares His love, for the fam’ly is of God.

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  1. Jamie, I absolutely love this post! I am so excited for you and Jordan to be parents. It is the best/happiest/hardest thing in the world, but you guys will be awesome! I love that song too. Primary songs have a way of teaching some pretty profound doctrine in such a simple way. :) Anyway, I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet your little one in a few months!