Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today I concluded that I am a brat

This morning the husband and I made our way to the gym, intending to max on a few lifts because our gym is closed for maintenance for the next two weeks. To our dismay, they had closed two days early without any warning. We decided to try the small UVU gym.

By this time, I was feeling pretty grouchy. 

We jogged to UVU and I spotted Jord on bench press. He maxed at 285 I believe and was bummed it wasn't higher, my grouchy ness went up a notch. I don't like to see him unhappy. This is when a nice person realizes they need to filter their words.

I grabbed a bar and set up to do biceps. I started my first set and by the end realized I was not at all focused. I intended to do negatives but had done normal and sloppy curls. A well meaning, kind bystander/flirtatious guy came clear across the gym to tell me my form was going to hurt my back. Grouchy level 3 hit.

I proceeded to tell this nice man that I had a husband and a degree in health which provided me all the advice on form that I needed. The poor guy tried to explain, to which I continued being bratty. I guess I felt angry that some man felt the need to correct a "helpless" woman. He quickly left the gym, I'm sure he was embarrassed,

I am now in the bath tub with an aching back and a guilty conscience. I wish I could apologize, but I have no idea who he is or where to find him. I need to work on my bratty attitude when I get grumpy:(. I promise to do be better. 

On a happy note, I got a new phone case and my husband loves me. Even when I'm a brat.

I also finished a jewelry case I have been working on.

I'm sorry if I have ever been a brat to any of you. I fear it comes with menstration;) I am trying to work to become more Christ like, but it may take me my entire life to make progress.

I hope your weekend is happy and brat-less:)


  1. Oh man we ALL have these kind of days... Don't beat yourself up too much!!!